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Map of Statewide Between The Washington State Line (near Post Falls) and Exit 12: US 95 (Coeur d'Alene). There is work on the shoulder. People are working in the median. Advisory speed limit 60 MPH. From 6:00AM PDT to 3:00PM PDT on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Until May 31, 2019 at about 3:00PM PDT. Between Johnson Road and McKim Creek Road (19 miles north of the Challis area). There is danger of a rock fall. Drive with extreme caution. Between Thompson Creek Road (5 miles south of the Clayton area) and US 93 (20 miles north of the Clayton area). There is danger of a rock fall. Drive with extreme caution. Between Gibbonsville Road and The Montana State Line (30 to 44 miles north of the Salmon area). The road surface is in poor condition. Between Redfish Lake Road (near Stanley) and Squaw Creek Road (5 miles south of the Clayton area). Look out for large animals on the roadway. Between Redfish Lake Road (near Stanley) and Squaw Creek Road (5 miles south of the Clayton area). There is danger of a rock fall. Drive with extreme caution. Between The Teton - Fremont County Line (8 miles north of the Tetonia area) and ID 47 (near Ashton). Be aware of the animal crossing area. Between ID 8 and Viola Road - Trestle Road (5 miles north of the Moscow area). Road construction work is in progress. Expect delays. Look out for flaggers. Expect 15 - minute delays. Until July 19, 2019 at about 9:00PM PDT.
I-15: Blackfoot Rest Area
I-15: Marsh Valley
ID 14: Elk City
US 93: Lost Trail Pass
I-15: Fort Hall
I-84: Juniper
US 12: Kamiah
WYO 89: Raymond, WY
I-84: Glenns Ferry
I-15: Monida
ID 8: Line
US 20: Henrys Lake
ID 200: East Sunnyside
ID 33: WY/ID State Line
US 93: Jackpot
ID 55: Smiths Ferry
I-84: I-84/US-95
US 91: Franklin
ID 6: Harvard Hill
ID 21: Stanley
I-15: McCammon
I-90: Veterans Memorial Bridge
US 93: Jerome Butte
BC Highway 3: Kootenay Pass, BC
ID 5: Parker Pass
US 95: Sandpoint
US 95: Jordan Valley OR
US 20: Pine Turnoff
ID 75: Timmerman Hill
US 95: Hayden
ID 38: Holbrook
US 95: Junction I-90
ID 6: Mt. Margaret
US-89: Thayne, WY
US 93: Perrine Bridge
US 95: Lake Creek
ID 34: Blackfoot River Bridge
I-84: Kuna/Meridian
ID 77: Conner Summit
ID 31: Pine Creek
US 93: Rogerson
ID 50: Hansen Bridge
US 95: Hanley
ID 11: Grangemont
US 95: Granite Hill
I-15: Camas
ID 41: Seasons
ID 55: Goose Creek Summit
US 20: Ucon
I-84: Eisenman Interchange
ID 8: US-95 Jct
US 95: Ironwood
ID 37: Big Canyon
US-89: Alpine Junction, WY
US 12: Upper Lochsa
US 12: Cottonwood Creek
I-90: Wallace
I-86: Coldwater
ID 87: Raynolds Pass
ID 33: Botts
SR-42: SR-42, UT
US 95: Idaho County Line
US 12: Lolo Pass
ID 75: 5th Street
ID 41: Old Town
Highway 95: Yahk, BC
US 20: INL Puzzle
WY-22: Teton Pass, WY
ORE86: Halfway Summit, OR
US 95: Appleway
US 20: Sheep Falls
I-15: Camp Creek
US 26: Tilden Flats
I-86: Arbon Valley
ID 75: Kinsey Butte
I-84: Yale Road
US 95: Prairie
US 95: Wyoming
US 20: Kettle Butte
ID 3: Shoshone County Line
US 89: Bear Lake UT
US 95: Marsh Hill
US 95: Palouse River
US 26: Antelope Flats
US 30: Border Summit
US 95: Smokey Boulder
I-84: Hammett Hill
ID 75: Smiley Creek Airport
US 89: Bloomington
US 20: Tom Cat Summit
I-90: Cataldo
US 95: Five Mile Hill
I-15: Samaria
I-84: Snake River OR
US 93: Willow Creek Summit
US 26: Palisades
US 20: Thornton
I-15: Monte Vista
I-90: Railroad Bridge
US 30: Fish Creek Summit
ID 34: Treasureton Summit
I-90: Lookout Pass MT
US 91: Swan Lake
I-84: Sweetzer Summit
I-84: Black Canyon
ID 57: Priest Lake
US-89: Salt Pass, WY
I-15: Sage Junction
US 95: SH-8 Junction
ID 55: Johnson Creek Airport
US 95: Frei Hill
US 95: Lewiston Hill
I-90: Liberty Lake WA
US 91: ID/UT State Line UT
I-84: Idahome
ID 3: Deary
US 20: Telegraph Hill
US 95: Midvale Hill
US 12: Alpowa Summit WA
I-15: UT/ID State Line UT
US 30: Topaz
ID 21: Highland Valley Summit
I-15: Malad Summit
US 95: D Street
ID 28: Lone Pine
I-15: Idaho Falls
ID 55: Little Donner
US 20: Osborne Bridge
ID 11: Top of Greer Grade
US 95: Concrete
I-84: Caldwell
US 89: Geneva Summit
US 95: Winchester
ID 46: Gwynn Ranch Hill
ID 75: Sun Valley Road
US 30: Georgetown Summit
US 95: Whitebird Hill
I-90: 4th of July Summit
ID 3: Black Lake
ID 28: Gilmore Summit
US 95: Fort Hall Hill
I-15: China Point
ID 75: Clayton
US 95: Ion Summit
I-15: Osgood/Payne
US 95: Shirrod Hill
ID 75: Wood River
I-84: Wye
I-90: Northwest Blvd
I-84: Valley Interchange
US 30: Rocky Point
US 95: Kathleen Ave
I-84: Broadway
ID 33: Junction 33/22 Summit
I-84: Heyburn
I-15: Monida Pass MT
US 26: Ririe
ID 39: Sterling
US 30: Gem Valley
ID 36: Emigration Canyon
ID 51: Grasmere Air Guard
US 2: Wrenco Loop
US 20: Fall River
I-90: Lookout Pass
ID 33: River Rim
ID 8: Farm
I-84: Tuttle
ID 55: Horseshoe Bend Hill
I-15: Osgood
I-86: Raft River
I-84: Simco Road
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